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Adjacent Tables Within Cells Of A Table On A Page With Break-After=Page In Each Causing Weird Results

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I have tried to search for an answer to this issue I have and am stumped so far. Any advice would be welcome here: I am designing a statement/remittance document to replace a paper one and I need to print a vertical dotted line to mimic a perforation in between a table of statement items and a table of the same items - our statements have each line showing the data twice, one set of which is past the perforation so the customer tears off the remittance and marks all items they are paying. The document has a series of tables down the page, each of which has 3 cells, the middle of which is to hold my dotted line. For the region-body, I have an xsl:for-each in all thee internal tables and in each table, I have dummy block output code to ensure that the tables always print 25 lines. So, if my statement has 12 lines then I output 13 dummy blocks and if 1 then 24 - always making 25 in total. For the detail line printing, I have coded (using an example that works fine for 1 table) so that if I am about to print line 25 and the count of my data is not 25 then I print my line, print a blank line and then print a line with "continued..." and this has the break-after=page attribute. I thought I'd cracked it - until I tried a statement with more than 25 lines :) As I have three tables all using the same input data and all requesting a page break, I get three page breaks. Obvious you might say :) I've tried removing the break-after from the middle and right tables but this then makes the data go out of step. Is there anything I can do apart from reverting to one table and drawing borders around each cell to make it look like three blocks? Thanks,Brian.

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I not sure if I follow it would be good if you could demonstrate what you mean with static code sample, also it's easier for us on the forum to help you if you provide your code in case we can see mistakes you have missed or even tell you to take a different approach to your problem.

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