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Form - Check Boxes - Sending To Different Addresses

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I am trying to create or form or even see if it is possible to have an html form where you have multiple check boxes and based on the selection of the check boxes it will send an email to different addresses.... Example: Checkbox 1 - person1@test.comCheckbox 2 - person2@test.comCheckbox 3 - person3@test.com Lets say I check box 1 and 3 on the form and I want an email created when I hit the submit button to have person 1's and person 3's email address in the TO field. Is this possible at all or does it even make sense? Thank you for taking the time to look at this.

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Certainly possible. You would just set up your inputs to submit as an array:

<input type='checkbox' name='email[]' value='person1' /><input type='checkbox' name='email[]' value='person2' /><input type='checkbox' name='email[]' value='person3' />

The [] make it into an array that you can loop through on the server. Something like:

$strRecipients = '';for ($x=0, $x<count($_POST['email']); $x++) {   if ($strRecipients != '') $strRecipients.='; ';   $strRecipients .= $_POST['email'][$x].'@test.com';}

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