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C# Web Forms And Using Linq

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Hello,I am working on my final project for school and I have to post certain form tasks to the database. I am not all that sharp on every aspect of data connections yet and am struggling. I am using the connection that visual studio creates when you drag and drop the table on the form. It is all working great when I do things by my book, but my teacher asked us to insert something into the data base and I cannot figure out that part. I was looking at an article online about saving something to the database, but it was creating a new object of the class for a specific table and they did not have a visual of the class. I started fumbling my way through that and it was not going too well. I need some more specific help because I am not educated enough yet to figure this out in the time frame I have. Here is part of my code. I want to insert the info in the fields into the database once it passes the test. The test works fine. private void regSubmitButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e){byte use = Convert.ToByte(userIDBox.Text); string pass = passBox.Text; this.lib_UserTableAdapter.Fill(this.libraryProjDataSet.Lib_User); var match = from u in this.libraryProjDataSet.Lib_User where (u.User_ID == use) select u.User_ID; var match3 = from u in this.libraryProjDataSet.Lib_User where (u.Password == pass) select u.Password; try{ if (match.Count() != 0 || match3.Count() != 0){userIDBox.Text = " ";passBox.Text = " ";errorUlabel.Visible = true;}else{mainPage MainPage = new mainPage();MainPage.Show(); }

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