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Photoshop Multiple Pages One Document Or Multiple


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Hello, I hope I can ask a simple webdesigners question here aswell. At the moment I'm designing multiple pages in photoshop for a webshop. My question to website designers is as following. If you have a large amount of pages(15+) with the header and footer staying the same do you just put them all in one .psd in different groups.Or do you make multiple .psd files each one having a page? I know alot of people use fireworks aswell for this just for the master page function. I'm just wondering what people usually do in this situation and why.

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I'm not an expert in web design, but I have plenty of experience as an architect making presentations, for which my tool of choice is photoshop. I'd go about it the same way as I'd make a presentation with lots of pages. Parts which remain the same in one folder with multiple layersParts which appear on many pages in one folder with multiple layersDistinct page content, unique to each page in folder groups P1 ... Pn with multiple layers This way when exporting a set of jpegs to show your client you can leave group1 switched on at all times group 2 on when necessary and the others one at a timeIf you use imageready, you can streamline this exporting process by having it output either an animation or set of frames if you shoot me an address I'll set up a file for you and show you what I mean. a typical layer/layer group structure for this kind of design operation might look like this

  group1  (layer group)	header  (layer)	footer  (layer)	nav bar  (layer)	side bar  (layer)  group2  (layer group)	tower ad  (layer)	center ad  (layer)	other stuff which appears sporadically  group3  (layer group)	page1  (layer group)	  text  (layer)	  images  (layer)	page2  (layer group)	  text  (layer)	  images  (layer)		etc...

Then if you animate the layer on/off value in image ready and save your file as a group of images, you will have a file, which you can edit and export quickly

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