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Tip Regarding Securing Server

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You need to be specific about the server platform your using for example these are a few tips for Apache. Generally though, regardless of platform, its important you keep current with news related to the platform and patch your server as soon as it is feasible for you to do so. If you are not using a hosted solution then I suggest you dedicate that machine to web traffic alone and separate it from the rest of your network. Review your logs regularly, practice safe server scripting principles and run your web server as an unprivileged user are just some tips you will find anywhere. If someone is sucking up bandwidth by downloading your files though I think blacklisting those bad IP addresses may save you the headache.

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If you want to block a specific application or website from accessing your site then you can use things like an IP address blacklist to deny access to certain IPs, or you can check the user-agent string to block specific things like Google's spider. You can do whatever you want to do if you have the time to learn and do it. How to go about it would start by analyzing the traffic from whatever you're trying to block and looking for specific things that it sends that you can check for.

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It seems that I have asked an impossible thing. OK, atleast tell me some tips how to make my server more secure?
you only waited three hours? :lol:
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