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Creating A Streaming Video Website


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Hello, I have a good idea and it involves creating a streaming video website, that users can submit videos(Sounds a lot like YouTube?). I tried to decipher the code on youtube, but its all generated, and is confusing for me. I plan on creating it in PHP, and I wanted to make sure that it is okay to create the website in that. I have some familiarity in it, so It would be best for me to just complete my education in it. So long as PHP is good for the website itself, I would like to know my best bet of delivering the video. I know that YouTube converts all videos to a .flv file and then plays the file through an .flv media player, but I would like to try to make it accessible on all devices, including the iPhone. I'm an apple developer, so I have an idea about the limitations, especially with flash.... I am then thinking about just posting all the videos in h.264, so long as I can find a converter. If anyone can offer me any help on this topic, it would be greatly appreciated. I've been searching for a few days, and I have gotten no solid info about doing this kind of thing. I would like to know about the implementation of a streaming server also, because I know that if i get a significant amount of visitors, that http streaming will not be sufficient. Thanks for everyone's help in advanceZach Russell

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