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Wmf In Xsl, How To Display ?

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Hello there, it's my first post on this forum :) Here's the problem I'm facing: I've got some xml files in which there are wmf images that I have to display using XSL-FO in my pdf. The problem is that those images are encoded somehow and I don't know what the code is. It's a sample tag of this image: <object ident="eqwrd_1" skaluj="1" wys="24.9pt" szer="16.0pt" typ="WMF"><object-projection>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</object-projection></object> I found some ways of displaying images encoded in base64 in some RFC's by using this: "data:image;base64,[some base64 code]" as an url.The problem is that the images that I've got to display are not encoded in base64 and I got no idea what to do with them to make them apear in my pdf :(:(The code looks like some hexadecimals but I haven't come across with something like that before in encoding images. If some one of U people got any idea how to display this image, or how to convert this code, or maybe what this code could be :), I would be grateful.

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Alright, I got some answers on other forums and gathering all the information it seems that it's not possible to display this image using only xslt or xsl-fo. The image that my first post contains is encoded in hex and the only way of displaying images in xsl is when they're in base64 using this url-thing just as I thought. I have to translate hex to base64 myself. The problem is that I don't want to use any external applications. The only question that is left:Is someone here using Antenna House Formatter and knows if there are any extensions doing the transformation of that hex to base64 ? I was browsing through the AHFormatter extensions list but couldn't find anything that would be good for what I need.

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