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Modifying A Table?


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Grow the table as how? Do u mean add <td> or <tr> tags(s) to the existing one(s)? If dats what you mean, here is an ex:

function growTB(theTable){tr=document.createElement('tr');td=document.createElement('td');td.settAttribute('style','width:200px; height:100px;')tr.appendChild(td);document.getElementById(theTable).appendChild(tr)}

The above, creates a new row, with a td inside.CALL


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The problem is that you're going to have trouble because you're supposing there's no <tbody> element. The <tbody> element is required and the browser puts it whether or not it's in the code. Putting the <tr> as a direct child of the table in Javascript will not work right. It's best to use the insertRow() method of the table object and insertCell() method of the created row. Examples of usage are right there in the method descriptions.

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