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Xquery Based On Xml Schema


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hello i have this

<xs:element name="dltheory">    <xs:complexType>	  <xs:sequence>	    <xs:element ref="el:author" />	    <xs:element ref="el:last-revised-on"/>	    <xs:choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">		  <xs:group ref="el:Axiom"/>		  <xs:group ref="el:Annotation"/>	    </xs:choice>	  </xs:sequence>    </xs:complexType>  </xs:element>  <xs:group name="Axiom">    <xs:choice>	  <xs:element ref="el:equivalent"/>	  <xs:element ref="el:subsumes"/>	  <xs:element ref="el:instance-of"/>	  <xs:element ref="el:related-to"/>    </xs:choice>  </xs:group>

and i wanna edit my schema in order to perform a Xquery that will return me (element(*,Axiom)) all elements that are of type Axiom how can i define a complextype Axiom and put it inside dltheory thnx

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