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Friends Of Friends System


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Hello,first of all sorry for bad english.But I am trying to make a friend of friend system.Like this:usersf table:id friends0 11 02 11 2 just for example some more:0 33 05 00 52 44 2 so 0/2 are friend with 1, 2 isn't friends with 0 but with 1(and 1 is friend with 0).How could I make a query that return true (or count higher than 0) if I want to know if they are friend of friend.LikeSelect friend where id=0Select friend where id=2if results are the same return true, because they both will have a friend 1 as result.If you don't get me look at this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1451868/how-create-sql-query-that-validates-friends-of-friends .The problem with the link is that I don't now how to use (the best answer) for my database. Thanks, David

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