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Html Spacing

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One way you can do it is by wrapping all text inside a div and then floating that div to the right. Then give it a width of say... 80 or 85 percent.. whichever lines up near the rings/holes of the notebook.


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That looks just like what I want, but I do not know how to do that.
I believe he is talking about something along these lines
<div id="menu" style="height:400px;width:100px;float:right;"></div>

Replace the "menu" with whatever your working on, like if it was a header, you would put that in for menu. Now you can also change the "400px" and "100px", which is the height and width of whatever you are working with. He said maybe 80-85, would get the stuff aligned. So just mess around with it until you get it aligned properally. This also may not be what you want, I was just guessing that maybe it was, because it sounded like what he was talking about.

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