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Feeding Jquery Calendar With Content From Database

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Hi guysI am working on something tricky about display an image under the date text inside the cell in jquery calendarI don't mind about the plug-in of Jquery, My question is how we can assign a certain data for a cell date in the calendar assuming I have an array of values from the database and I want to assign each array element for a specific date? any idea?thanks in advance for any help

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justsomeguy, thanks for replay your question is not clear for me,but I am using PHP, MYSQL, Jquery for this. I find a solution for this "full calendar" which is very nice and easy to accomplish the work, just pass the a server scripting url that's return JSON array in specific format and the full calendar will do the job! that's fine, ok?I need to know how they set the content for the right date? thank you again frnd

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