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Any Sql For Exporting Data To Csv


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phpmyadmin is written in PHP, so you can always get the source and look at the export commands. It's not a single line of code, it gets the data first and then outputs it. You can use this function to output an array as a line of CSV text:

function array2csv ($fields, $delimiter = ',', $enclosure = '"', $mysql_null = false){  $delimiter_esc = preg_quote($delimiter, '/');  $enclosure_esc = preg_quote($enclosure, '/');  $output = array();  foreach ($fields as $field)  {    if ($field === null && $mysql_null)    {      $output[] = 'NULL';      continue;    }    $output[] = preg_match('/(?:'.$delimiter_esc.'|'.$enclosure_esc.'|\s)/', $field) ? (    $enclosure . str_replace($enclosure, $enclosure . $enclosure, $field) . $enclosure    ) : $field;  }  return join($delimiter, $output);}

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