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What Doctype To Use And Comply With

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I've been designing and maintaining small websites for non-profit organizations for about 6 years. The doctypes range from HTML 4.01 Transitional to XHTML1.1. I thought I was "doing the right thing" by going to XHTML and making sure all web pages passed the W3C validation test. But now I read that XHTML was a branch in a different direction and HTML5 is the way things will go in the future. I realize that HTML5 is not cooked yet however, it is a super-set of HTML 4.01. Should I abandon XHTML and go to HTML5 while staying away from features that are not supported by older browsers? It nicely removes a bit of HTML boilerplate that really isn't need for compatibility with older browsers. Perhaps I should go to HTML 4.01 Strict in preparation for the eventual move to HTML5 and its similarity to XHTML1.1. I realize the choice won't really make much difference in the code. I just like to comply with "standards" (which we carefully call "recommendations") and learn their rules. Your thoughts on this matter would be appreciated.

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