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Hi, I bought a software called, "SlideShow Expressions. I saved all my pics on my desktop and I called it "archived.ssp (slideshowproject). My question is how do I put that file on my website? :Pleased: Any help appreciated. Marla Moore

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Does the program have manuals or help features to guide you in doing what you're asking? Usually it should. For example, give you directions on how to do that and generate/supply the code to put in your webpage. I searched on the net and couldn't find any tutorials or information on this software. However I did find this post on another website. From the looks of it, it's your post: http://www.arcsoft.com/en//Forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=9344&PID=42401&title=slideshow-expressions If arcsoft is the makers/developers of the software, if no one responds to your post, look for a way to contact them via email or phone and ask them. You can find their manuals for much of their software here: http://www.arcsoft.com/support/download-manual.html but I don't see anything called Slide Show Expressions. Maybe someone here has heard of this software and can give you some input on what you're trying to do. Good luck.

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I'm sorry to hear your problem and that it's not functioning properly. I can't answer this question directly but I can offer a solution. JAlbum.com is a free gallery generator I've used a handful of times to make HTML galleries and it works like a charm. Easy to use and a short download time. The limit is 1 month so you can use it and that might help temporarily. I also echo what Don posted as you should definitely check the help guide with the software you purchased. It's an investment so you would benefit from getting all you can from the software or tutorials on youtube.com.-Grahamalluringmedia.net

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