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Problem with Ajax Slideshow

Guest TubNubblies

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Guest TubNubblies

Hi everyone!I'm having a bit of trouble with an ajax slideshow I'm integrating into a site I'm building, and I'm hoping someone out there can spot what it is that I'm doing wrong so that I can get it working properly!Here's the specifics:The original script can be found here: http://www.maxkiesler.com/index.php/weblog...ajax_slideshow/The download link for the original script is here: http://www.maxkiesler.com/downloads/ajax-slideshow.zipA working example fo the script can be seen here: http://www.maxkiesler.com/index.php/My attempt to get it working is here: http://www.creativelab.ca/misc/test/locus.htmlMy css for the slideshow is here: http://www.creativelab.ca/misc/test/ajax-slideshow.cssMy js file for the slideshow is here: http://www.creativelab.ca/misc/test/ajax-slideshow.jsAt first, because the problem is the "loading" sequence hangs without loading any of the images, I figured it was something to do with my syntax in regards to the image array, but then I tried to get the original one working, "straight out of the box" as it were, and it did the same thing, so then I tried chmod-ing the js, and a couple other small fruitless changes. If anyone could take the time to look over my code and hopefully help me get over this hurdle, I'd be immensely grateful!!Thanks in advance!

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