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Storage / Management Of Xslt Files


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Hi all, Just a general question really. I have an MS Excel 2007 workbook that is used as input for estimates of cost and prices. The workbook will export the data from the workbook to an xml file for further use by other teams and interested parties. There are several xslt files that are used to manipulate the data from the workbook into different formats for other users, i.e. management just receive high level data, client receives another set of data. Some xslt files produce a HTML summary, some produce xml files for use in other workbooks. Currently the xslt files are held in the same folder as the workbook and accessed when needed through VBA and MSXML to create the relevant files in required formats Can anyone suggest a good method of storage for the external xslt files please? I am trying to avoid the situation where as requests for different types of summary information from the workbook is required and another xslt is needed and users may miss the new xslt file that has been created. Can multiple xslt files be held in one file? Any best practices, thoughts or suggestions? Any pitfalls in storing many xslt stylesheets in one file? Thanks! Graham

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