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Multiple selection criteria

Guest cozymoses

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Guest cozymoses

Does anyone know what it is called when you have several boxes and the subsequent boxes are populated based on your first box selection, etc? Here's an example:http://www.creative.com/language.asp?sDest...pport/downloadsDoes anyone know where to find a good tutorial?I'd like to expand on this, and have the final "criteria" be able to post to a list of criteria temporarily, thus allowing the user to select multiple criteria from different categories.For example, I have a Plant Database with almost 300 plants and to search it, I would like a user to be able to compile a list of criteria. For instance, from "Plant Cateogry" from the first box, they would be able to select "Trees" in the second box and add it to a list in a third box. Next, they could go back and select "Exposure" in the first box, and then select "Full Sun", ETC. From the "third" box, they could hit "search" and be done.Thanks!!Molly

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