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IE Position Problems


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If you look at http://www.SiteOfRequirement.net.tc in IE (Internet Explorer), you'll notice that the IFRAME with the news in it appears waaaay down at the bottom of the page. IE insists on adding a bunch of annoying white space (like 3.5 pages). How do I get rid of it? It's fine in Firefox. It still happens when the new is not in an IFRAME, just added with a PHP Include. How do I fix this? 89% of web users STILL use IE.

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Seems like the width of the left and right column together with the middle content area is bigger than 100%.Also, margin:0 and padding:0 for the header might help.But you really shouldn't use frames since they have alot of drawbacks. This is an article explaining those drawbacks:CSS Frames or the Frameset Tagand this is how you could do it with CSS instead of HTML Frames(frameset tag):CSS Frames

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