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Guest Thomas Liao

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Guest Thomas Liao

I have an index.html like below

<html>	<head>  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://<?=$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']?>/Styles/MyStyle.css" />  <title>申請資料審查暨輸入作業</title>	</head>		<frameset cols="250,*">  <frameset rows="90,*"> 	 <frame src="group_school_selector.php" noresize="1" frameborder="1"> 	 <frame name="navigator" noresize="1" frameborder="1">  </frameset>  <frame name="fillform" noresize="1">	</frameset></html>

Is there any way to detect user has input something in "fillform", and want to go to edit another "fillform" by pressing a link in "navigator" without submit the "fillform" that he had input?The frame has "onblur" event. But it is not supported by W3C and Firefox.

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