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Wordpress - Is My Concept Doable?

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Apologies for the cryptic topic title, I wasn't quite sure if there was any place on this forum to discuss Wordpress, or where.. I am starting to develop a website with reasonably simple, but dynamic functionality, and I would like to know if going for Wordpress is the right idea. I have worked with Wordpress before, but that concerned styling within the relative safe format of a 'standard' wordpress layout.I'm also relatively fluent in CSS and HTML. I have included a diagram of what I am going for, and I think that explains it best. Basically I want something close to your average 'online store' layout, where each new wordpress 'post' is displayed as a small square image preview. Once clicked that preview will lead to a different page showing the rest of the information contained in that post. (It won't be a real store as there will be no checkout process.) Is Wordpress right for this concept? How would I make it interpret my post data in this way? It would be great if someone could push me in the right direction.. thank you in advance.


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You can lay out a Wordpress theme any way you like... did you read the documentation? You just embed some PHP code where you want things to appear.

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