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Help With Converting Auth_User To Lower Case & Remove Domain Name

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Can anyone help me. I have a small set of code that gets the windowsuser name & sets it into a URL. The URL then passes that to a browserlogin & logs my users in (this already works fine). The small problem I amhaving is I need to convert the username to lower case & strip out thedoamin name, so that I end up with just the raw lowercase windows usernamem before passing it to the browser. This is what I have so far. I have done thisbefore but it was a long time ago & I havent a clue how I did this. If anyone can get this to work properly It would be seriously appreciated. Thanks for your help in advance. <HEAD><meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="1; url=http://myserver/arsys/servlet/ViewFormServlet?form=WS%3AOpenRequests&server=myserver&username=<%Response.Write(Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_USER"))%>"></HEAD>

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