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Best Data Type To Use


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I need to know the best data type to use to store a potentially large amount of data in a single field on a single row.It is in the format 12345678912->999->999.99-> This is one string, with additional strings being combined to look like 12345678912->999->999.99->12345678912->999->999.99->12345678912->999->999.99-> I could have anything from 1 string to several thousand strings worth of data stored in the same field. I previously used varchar(5000) as the combined string would never exceed 5000 characters in length but this has now changed and the string when multiplied just 2000 times results in a string 52000 characters in length. Is it possble to store this amount of data in a single field, and what problems might I have when trying to store/access/update it.

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