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Ok So I am using a template that already has a form I like, Problem is I do not now what to "plug in" to make it do what I want it to do. Here is a link to the page with the form: http://www.williamst...o/contacts.html What I want it to do is send me an with their message. Then I want it to redirect them to a page that says thanks for contacting us... And I want that page to automatically redirect to the home page....but one bite at a time. How do I get this to email me? Here is the code:

</div><h3>Contact Form</h3><div class="wrapper"><form id="contacts-form" action="" method="post"><fieldset><div class="field"><label>Your Name:</label><input type="text" value=""/></div><div class="field"><label>Your E-mail:</label><input type="text" value=""/></div><div class="field"><label>Your Website:</label><input type="text" value=""/></div><div class="field"><label>Your Message:</label><textarea cols="1" rows="1"></textarea></div><div class="wrapper"><a href="" onclick="document.getElementById('contacts-form').submit()" class="button">Send Your Message</a></div></fieldset></form>

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You will have to use a server scripting language like PHP or ASP to transfer data from the form.Here is the w3schools PHP tutorial http://w3schools.com/php/default.aspand here is the ASP tutorial http://w3schools.com/asp/default.asp

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