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Javascript mirror another url on current url


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I have 2 webpages 1 with a javascript code one with out if you notice the one with a javascript link actually opens or streams content from another domain with out leaving the domain you are on both of these are the same page as I said one has a short javascript code one does notNo JavascriptnojavascriptWith a short javascript codewith javascript insertedHere is the only thing different between the 2 pages<script language="Javascript" src="http://www.web-tfx.com/dirAdmin/WebClients/clients.asp?KW=online casino&domainID=263"></SCRIPT>Here is the directory so you can download the source veiw the 2 webpagesIf I could figure this out I would be a happy man I have spent hours scratching my head and looking all over with no success. I Know very little javascript and am asking for some help in understanding.If you know the javascript code to do this or the method please post

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