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Hi all, I need a pair of select boxes to behave like, 1- Just one of them can be checked at any time (like radiobuttoms)2- Both can be unchecked at will (like select boxes). The code bellow is what I have written but it is not working,

<html><head><script>function reCheck(k){if(k<3){document.forms["myform"][k+3].checked = false;		 }	else{document.forms["myform"][k-3].checked = false;}}</script></head><body><form name = "myform" action="dothis.php" method="post"><table  id="MyTable"><?phpfor($i=0;$i<=2;$i++){$j = $i + 3;echo "<tr>";echo "<td>";echo "<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"".$i."\" onclick = \"reCheck(".$i.")\" />".$i;echo "</td>";echo "<td>";echo "<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"".$j."\" onclick = \"reCheck(".$j.")\" />".$j;echo "</td>";echo "</tr>";}?></table></form></body></html>

As you can see, in this case there are three rows with a pair of select boxes each, and I need that each pair have the behaviour described above. Looking forward to hear from you, tardebut

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