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Amending A Website Using Oop, Please Help

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I have been given a flash website to amend. It has a home page and videos page already done. I have to add a links page, books page and a social page with a twitter feed. It all has to be done using OOP in separate As files. Can anybody give me some guidelines on how to do this correctly? Thanks Guys

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Please post your site address. You are creating 3 more pages correct? This shouldn't be done with Flash or OOP (object oriented programming). You should create 3 new pages ("links" "books" "social") and add the content you were instructed to add. An AS file is a script that's used by Flash and if you have the layout set up strictly in flash and the pages display in a huge flash file, please re-consider the structure of the site. You can have all the content added to movieclips in your library and have the AS call the movieclips onto the stage. This can be done using buttons and an external AS file like you mentioned, however there are down sides to not having multiple pages. Search engines such as Google or Bing will not catch the content within flash. I advise the HTML route in the long run but if the project (school?) calls for it you can do it all within Flash.As for the twitter feed, I know how to do that but it's using actionscript+HTML. I imagine it can be done though, it just takes a lot of time to figure that out. Here are some resources that might be helpful: AS 3 refernce indexMoock.orghttp://tv.adobe.com/ Moock is a genius when it comes to ActionScript. I have his Actionscript Essentials book and it took a while but a lot of stuff clicked after reading it. -Grahamalluringmedia.net

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