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2 Column Centered Content


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Hi, How can I make a 2 column div areas that are both centered. I looked at the CSS3 column feature but it looks like the browser automatically center the contents. I want to be able to place content and style each column independently except that both column should display everything centered, the rest is independent. My content is like.

<div> Column 1 box 1</div><div> Column 2 box 2</div><div> Column 1 box 3</div><div> Column 2 box 4</div><div> Column 1 box 5</div><div> Column 2 box 6</div><div> Column 1 box 7</div><div> Column 3 box 8</div>

Each box will have video player. I am also looking at automating it so that I only have to define a constant somewhere in the page and the number of boxes will be generated accordingly. But that's on the later part. For now I want to handle the cosmetics. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry this took so long. Float one div right and one left and put both in a wrapper div.

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