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Displaying Rss Feed, Format Pubdate

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Hi all, I am trying to display an RSS feed on my ASP website. Currently, the date is displayed as "Dec 07 2011." I would like to display it as "December 7, 2011." Here is the code I've put together so far:

<html><head><title>RSS Feed Using ASP Classic - For Texas Longhorns Football Schedule from TicketCity.com</title><style>  *{font-family:verdana;}  td{vertical-align:top;padding:5px 5px 5px 5px;}</style></head><body><%' change the RSSURL variable to the exact URL of the RSS Feed you want to pullRSSURL = "http://blog.surepayroll.com/feed/?alt=rss"Dim objHTTP ' this object is used to call the RSS Feed remotelyDim RSSURL,RSSFeed ' these variables hold the URL and Content for the RSS FeedDim xmlRSSFeed ' this variable hold the XML data in a DOM ObjectDim objItems,objItem, objChild ' these variables are used to temporarily hold data from the various RSS ItemsDim title,pubdate,description,link '  these are local variables that will hold the data to be displayedDim OutputHTML_1,OutputHTML_2,OutputHTML_3 ' these variables will hold the HTML that was converted from the RSS Feed' this code requests the raw RSS/XML and saves the response as a string <RSSFeed>Set objHTTP = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP")objHTTP.open "GET",RSSURL,falseobjHTTP.sendRSSFeed = objHTTP.responseText' this code takes the raw RSSFeed and loads it into an XML ObjectSet xmlRSSFeed = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DomDocument.4.0")xmlRSSFeed.async = falsexmlRSSFeed.LoadXml(RSSFeed)' this code disposes of the object we called the feed withSet objHTTP = Nothing' this is where you determine how to display the content from the RSS Feed' this code grabs all the "items" in the RSS FeedSet objItems = xmlRSSFeed.getElementsByTagName("item")' this code disposes of the XML object that contained the entire feedSet xmlRSSFeed = Nothing' loop over all the items in the RSS FeedFor x = 0 to objItems.length - 8  ' this code places the content from the various RSS nodes into local variables  Set objItem = objItems.item(x)  For Each objChild in objItem.childNodes   Select Case LCase(objChild.nodeName)    Case "pubdate"	   pubDate = objChild.text    Case "title"	   title = objChild.text    Case "link"	   link = objChild.text    Case "description"	   description = objChild.text   End Select  Next   ArrayTemp = split(pubDate, " ")  pubDate2 = ArrayTemp(2) & " " & ArrayTemp(1) & " " & Cint(ArrayTemp(3))  ' Here are some various display samples.  OutputHTML_1 = OutputHTML_1 & pubDate2 & "<br /><a href=""" & link & """>" & title & "</a><br /><br />"  OutputHTML_2 = OutputHTML_2 & "<a href=""" & link & """>" & title & "</a><br />"  OutputHTML_3 = OutputHTML_3 & "<a href=""" & link & """>" & title & "</a><hr />"Next%><!-- This is the HTML Layout that will render content from the RSS Feed -->Here is the output, with content provided by the RSS Feed located at:<br /><%=RSSURL%><hr /><table border="1"><tr>  <td>Ouput Style 1</td>  <td>Ouput Style 2</td>  <td>Ouput Style 3</td></tr><tr>  <td><%=OutputHTML_1%></td>  <td><%=OutputHTML_2%></td>  <td><%=OutputHTML_3%></td></tr></table></body></html>

I've been looking for a script online as I'm not skilled enough to create code of my own. Can anyone give me some advice?

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