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Newbie Needs Help - Arrays And Access New Xml While Creating It

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Hello,this maybe very stupid question but I need to know.I have one xml file and I use xslt 2.0 to create new xml file.During the creation I calculate some values for each element of the new xml file (node -> new xml represents graph)The thing is that some values depends on the values that I already previously calculated. The values are coordinates of the nodes in the GUI representation of the graph, by the way.So I need some kind of dynamic array which seems impossible in xsl, right?If the arrays are not possible than it would be convenient to access the part of new xml that I already created and to access the values that I already calculated. Which of these two is possible? Can you give me some example or some explanation, please?thanks

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Well with XSLT 2.0 you can certainly easily create temporary nodes and store them in a variable which you then use for further transformations or computations. And several processing steps in one single stylesheet are often done by using modes. If those hints don't help then provide some more details so that we can try to help with concrete code samples.

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