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Hi everyone, i want to ask a question. I have some company name and totalroom in my procedure. But when i execute my procedure they are coming twice or more. İ want to sum companies at once. İ took a photo if you check that u will understand what i mean. http://imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img546/5725/adszobb.jpg&via=mupload&newlp=1 here is my sql SELECT S.agency, SUM(S.totalroom) ODA, SUM(S.totalpax) KISI, (S.totalrevenue) GELIRFROM SP_FORECAST_OCC_LINE_DAY('01.01.2011','31.12.2011') Swhere S.resmarket='IC PAZAR' AND S.transdate BETWEEN '01.12.2011' and '31.12.2011'GROUP BY S.totalroom, S.agency, s.resmarket, S.totalrevenue

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