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Get Contents From E-Mail And Write It To Mysql Table


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If you get the contents of the email then you can run a regular expression to look for any pattern you want, including URLs. I don't know what you mean "tweaked for SMS", SMS messages typically do not go to an email address, I believe those are MMS messages, and they would arrive in the same format as any other email.

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Well, I haven't read through this thread in over 2 years, but I imagine there's a pretty decent amount of explanation already here. You can look up the PHP functions in the manual if you want specific information about what they do. Otherwise, if you have questions about code it's probably best to start a new topic and post the code you're currently using.

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Thanks very much @justsomeguy this post explains exactly what I want to do. However when i pasted in the full example script it seemed to be an invalid file (HTTP error 500).

I had filled in the imap login details correctly. 

What else would I need to do to make it work, are there any other variable names I should fill in in the script or anything?

Thanks Lyndon

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I'm not sure which of that code you're using, but it looks like at some point over the past 5 years or so a forum update removed the line breaks from code examples.  If you add the line breaks back to the code I assume it will work.  If the code contains any single-line comment it will comment out the rest of the code and that's probably the reason for a syntax error.

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I was using your example script from page 1 of this, that you had said "I'll do this when I get home". 

Yes I agree about the line breaks. I have tried adding them in hopefully the correct places but still the same error. I've posted the code here with line breaks re-added. 

Would you mind please either checking this below, or else re-posting your original one please? Thank you

$now = time(); 
// current time
$mailbox = '{your-mailserver-here/imap/novalidate-cert}INBOX'; 
// see http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.imap-open.php 
$mbox = imap_open($mailbox, 'email-address-here', 'password-here'); 
// log in to mail server
if (!$mbox)  echo ('Failed opening mailbox<br>' . print_r(imap_errors(), true)); 
// remove the print_r for production use
else{  $box = imap_check($mbox); 
	 // get the inbox  
	 for ($imap_idx = 1; $imap_idx <= $box->Nmsgs; $imap_idx++) 
	 // loop through the messages  
	 {    $headers = imap_headerinfo($mbox, $imap_idx); 
	  // http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.imap-headerinfo.php    
	  $raw_headers = imap_fetchheader($mbox, $imap_idx); 
	  // http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.imap-fetchheader.php    
	  $selected_headers = '';    $text_part = '';    $html_part = '';    
	  $original_message = imap_body($mbox, $imap_idx); 
	  // save the copy of the entire thing, attachments and all    
	  // build selected headers string    
	  for ($ii = 0; $ii < count($headers->from); $ii++)      $selected_headers .= 'From: ' . $headers->from[$ii]->mailbox . '@' . $headers->from[$ii]->host . "\n";    for ($ii = 0; $ii < count($headers->to); $ii++)      $selected_headers .= 'To: ' . $headers->to[$ii]->mailbox . '@' . $headers->to[$ii]->host . "\n";    for ($ii = 0; $ii < count($headers->cc); $ii++)      $selected_headers .= 'Cc: ' . $headers->cc[$ii]->mailbox . '@' . $headers->cc[$ii]->host . "\n";    for ($ii = 0; $ii < count($headers->bcc); $ii++)      $selected_headers .= 'Bcc: ' . $headers->bcc[$ii]->mailbox . '@' . $headers->bcc[$ii]->host . "\n";    if (!empty($headers->date))      $selected_headers .= 'Date: ' . $headers->date . "\n";    if (!empty($headers->subject))      $selected_headers .= 'Subject: ' . $headers->subject . "\n";    
	  // see below; getMsg uses global variables    
	  getMsg($mbox, $imap_idx);    $text_part = $plainmsg; 
	  // text portion of the email    
	  $html_part = $htmlmsg; 
	  // html portion of the email    
	  // check for text portion first    
	  $msg_text = trim(strip_tags($plainmsg, '<a>'));    
	  if ($msg_text == '')    {      
		  // text portion is empty, check html portion      
		  $msg_text = trim($htmlmsg);      
		  if ($msg_text == '')      {        
			  // no text or html portion auto-detected, check manually        
			  $msg_text = imap_body($mbox, $imap_idx); 
			  // get the entire raw message        
			  // check for quoted-printable encoding with possible boundary markers and headers at the top        
			  $chunks = explode("\n", trim($msg_text));        
			  if (count($chunks) > 1) 
				  // if there are multiple lines        
			  {          $quoted_printable = false;          if (strpos($chunks[0], '--') === 0) 
				  // if the first line is a boundary marker (starts with '--')          
			  {                        array_shift($chunks); 
			   // remove the first line            
			   if (strpos($chunks[count($chunks) - 1], '--') === 0) 
				   // check the last line            
			   {              array_pop($chunks); 
				// remove that too            
			   }          }          if (strpos(strtolower($chunks[0]), 'content-type') === 0)            array_shift($chunks); 
			   // remove the first line if it's a content-type header          
			   if (strpos(strtolower($chunks[0]), 'content-transfer-encoding') === 0)          {            if (strpos(strtolower($chunks[0]), 'quoted-printable'))              $quoted_printable = true; 
																								// this email was sent using quoted-printable encoding            
																								// remove the content-transfer-encoding header          
																							   }          $msg_text = implode("\n", $chunks); 
			   // put the remaining lines back together          
			   if ($quoted_printable) $msg_text = quoted_printable_decode($msg_text);          $msg_text = utf8_decode($msg_text);        }      }    }    $from = trim($headers->from[0]->mailbox . '@' . $headers->from[0]->host);    $msgId = isset($headers->message_id) ? trim($headers->message_id) : '';    $time = strtotime($headers->date);    if ($time == 0)      $time = $now;        
	  /******************************************************    At this point:      $headers: the object returned from imap_headerinfo      $selected_headers: text of some headers to display to a user checking mail (subject, from, etc)      $text_part: the text portion, if found      $html_part: the html portion, if found      $msg_text: either the text part, html part, or manually-decoded part (this is the variable to use as email body)      $original_message: the entire unprocessed email body, includingall parts and any attachments      $from: From address      $msgId: message ID from the headers      $time: email delivery time, as a Unix timestamp      $attachments: array of attachments (see below)    ******************************************************/    
	  // process attachments    
	  foreach ($attachments as $filename => $data)    {      
		  // e.g. 
		  file_put_contents('attachments/' . $filename, $data);     }    
	  // flag the email for deletion    
	  imap_delete($mbox, $imap_idx);  }  
	 // delete emails and close the mailbox  
	 imap_expunge($mbox);  imap_close($mbox);}function getMsg($mbox,$mid) {  
	// input 
	$mbox = IMAP stream, $mid = message id  
		// output all the following:  
		global $htmlmsg,$plainmsg,$charset,$attachments;  
	// the message may in $htmlmsg, $plainmsg, or both  
	$htmlmsg = $plainmsg = $charset = '';  $attachments = array();  
	// HEADER  
	$h = imap_header($mbox,$mid);  
	// add code here to get date, from, to, cc, subject...  
	// BODY  
	$s = imap_fetchstructure($mbox,$mid);  if (empty($s->parts))  
		// not multipart    
	// no part-number, so pass 0  
	else {  
		// multipart: iterate through each part    
		foreach ($s->parts as $partno0=>$p)      getMsgPart($mbox,$mid,$p,$partno0+1);  }}function getMsgPart($mbox,$mid,$p,$partno) {  
	// $partno = '1', '2', '2.1', '2.1.3', etc if multipart, 0 if not multipart  
	global $htmlmsg,$plainmsg,$charset,$attachments;  
	$data = ($partno)?    imap_fetchbody($mbox,$mid,$partno):  
	// multipart    
	// not multipart  
	// Any part may be encoded, even plain text messages, so check everything.  
	if ($p->encoding==4)    $data = quoted_printable_decode($data);  elseif ($p->encoding==3)    $data = base64_decode($data);  
	// no need to decode 7-bit, 8-bit, or binary  
	// get all parameters, like charset, filenames of attachments, etc.  
	$params = array();  if ($p->ifparameters)    foreach ($p->parameters as $x)      $params[ strtolower( $x->attribute ) ] = $x->value;  if ($p->ifdparameters)    foreach ($p->dparameters as $x)      $params[ strtolower( $x->attribute ) ] = $x->value;  
		// Any part with a filename is an attachment,  
		// so an attached text file (type 0) is not mistaken as the message.  
		if (!empty($params['filename']) || !empty($params['name'])) {    
		// filename may be given as 'Filename' or 'Name' or both    
		$filename = (!empty($params['filename']))? $params['filename'] : $params['name'];    
		// filename may be encoded, so see imap_mime_header_decode()    $attachments[$filename] = $data;  
		// this is a problem if two files have same name  
	// TEXT  
	elseif ($p->type==0 && $data) {    
		// Messages may be split in different parts because of inline attachments,    
		// so append parts together with blank row.    
		if ($p->ifsubtype && strtolower($p->subtype)=='plain')      $plainmsg .= trim($data) ."\n\n";    else      $htmlmsg .= $data ."<br><br>";    $charset = $params['charset'];  
		// assume all parts are same charset  }  
		// Many bounce notifications embed the original message as type 2,  
		// but AOL uses type 1 (multipart), which is not handled here.  
		// There are no PHP functions to parse embedded messages,  
		// so this just appends the raw source to the main message.  
		elseif ($p->type==2 && $data) {    $plainmsg .= trim($data) ."\n\n";  }  
		if (!empty($p->parts)) {    foreach ($p->parts as $partno0=>$p2)      getMsgPart($mbox,$mid,$p2,$partno.'.'.($partno0+1));  
								// 1.2, 1.2.1, etc.  



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It looks like you added an extra line break on line 73, that should be part of the comment describing the input variables for the getMsg function.

This thread is 6 years old, I'm not using the same computer or living in the same house or working on that project any more.  I don't think I have that code any more.

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because when executing email2mysql.php file
taken from URL http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/topic/41225-get-contents-from-e-mail-and-write-it-to-mysql-table
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'stream' (T_STRING) in email2mysql.php on line 73
thank you very much for your help


Edited by oagacino
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