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Can anyone help me. this may be a noob question but...... I am trying to create a website and am trying to position two spaces I have for my header side by side. The left is going to have a logo inserted into the html code and the right side is going to be using a background image place in the css code. I cannot eem to get the 2 boxes to sit side by side in the header tags. Can someone help me? Heres the HTML:

<body><div id="container">	 <div id="header">		 <div class="lftimg"><img src="images/logo.gif"  />		    </div>		    <div class="rtimg">		    </div>			    </div>          </div></body>

Heres the CSS:

body { margin: 10px;    padding: 0px;    text-align: center; background-color: #DAFEFD; color: #fff;}#container {    margin: 0px auto; background: url(../images/background.gif) repeat-y;    text-align: left; width: 900px; height: 800px;}#header { width: 900px; height: 160px; display: inline;}#header .lftimg {    margin: 0px; height:160px;    width: 239px;}#header .rtimg {    margin-left: 239px; height:160px;    position: relative; background:url(../images/header_rt.gif);    top: 0px;    left: 0px;    width: 661px;}


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