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Remove Text Nodes After Newly Inserted Span Elements

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I created a simple search box on my page. When the user makes a search, it takes the search term and finds it within a block of text. Whenever that search term is found, it is replaced by the same term wrapped in a span tag with a given class to highlight it in yellow. It works, but every time I insert new span elements within the block of text, it inserts a text node after it, causing there to be a space, and breaking up words. Can this be fixed using CSS?

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I found out what I was doing wrong. I created a template in my HTML like this:

<script type="template" id="spanTmpl">   <span style="background-color:yellow;">{{match}}</span></script>

and I was replacing {{match}} with the actual value. However, there is a text node before and after the span tag within that script block. If I put it all on one line, I dont have the text nodes anymore. I actually didn't think I was adding the text nodes until you suggested that I might be, so thanks! Here is a jsbin if you want to see a quick demo of what I was doing: http://jsbin.com/iwu...javascript,html

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