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Iframe Alternate Java Script To Display External Website

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Hi; first of all please don't mind if this is not the right section to post my query here, and move it to whatever right section is. I'm almost new to any language, actually I'm blogger and Google whatever i need, but this time i can't find the exact script i needed therefore i decided to post my query here because i live w3school. i want to display center part of the external website (say Google.com logo) in my blogger post or page, before this i used iframe which works perfectly but i don't want to use it anymore due to its some limitations. so please help me by posting the script here. Looking forward RegardsAdnan

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The iframe is really the only way to display other websites on your page. You could use PHP to load the HTML code from an external source, but that wouldn't be very helpful because relative links would not work properly and it would be difficult to strip out all the redundant tags.

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