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<img src="subory_subory/karneval.jpeg" alt="toto je naša partia" width="20%" height="20%" border=2 vspace=10 hspace=10>

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1. take out the vspae and hspace attributes2. make the link relative or absolute, but here it isn't relative so try absolute if you're posting on another web site3. make sure you actually saved the file with the ".jpeg" extension. Most editors use ".jpg", and some use ".JPG", so check your case if you use a server that uses a case-dependand file system4. in XHTML, the IMG element is closed differantly:

 <img src="image.png" alt="alternate text" />

5. if you're trying to post an image on a forum, you may need to use BBcode instead of html. If that is the case, try


I hope that helps.

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