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Multiple Update Data Problem


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Hi, i have an idea how to update my product prices faster directly using Query then manual opening 1by1 item in my admin page. but here is problem... I need to update multiple items with diffrent values. here is how table looks like SELECT TOP 1000 [id] ,[name] ,[itemno] ,[description] ,[smallimage] ,[largeimage] ,[price] ,[shortdesc] ,[active] ,[feature] ,[saleprice] ,[onsale] ,[search] ,[qty] ,[addqty] ,[imgresize] ,[hideprice] ,[hidehead] ,[weight] ,[digital] ,[digfile] ,[pgvisits] ,[pgvisitson] ,[taxable] ,[custom1] ,[custom2] ,[custom3] ,[imgwrap] ,[shipping] FROM [YRHR_PD_SHOP].[dbo].[items] now i want to change price and saleprice of items linkin it to itemno here is what i did to change 1 data UPDATE dbo.itemsSET price='10.20', saleprice='9.90', onsale='YES'WHERE itemno='68418' now how do i do it for multiple data, problem is that itemno, price and saleprace are all diffrent for every entry.for example UPDATE dbo.itemsSET price='10.20', saleprice='9.90', onsale='YES'WHERE itemno='68418';SET price='109.20', saleprice='67.90', onsale='YES'WHERE itemno='24507';SET price='156.20', saleprice='23.90', onsale='YES'WHERE itemno='22567' can anybody help? thank you.

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