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I want to save data to an XML file and update an attribute. I can load it perfectly, but when it comes to save it, the following JS error appears "Parameter not correct" if I run it from the IIS, "Permission Denied" if I run it directly from the Folder. Both appear in the 'camaraXML.save("CamaraXML.xml");' line. I'm using XMLHTTP for this. Any suggestion?I have this code:-------------------------- CODE ---------------------------------function funSaveDocument(strIP,strNo) { camaraXML.onreadystatechange = function () { if (camaraXML.readyState == 4) { funAttWriter(); } } camaraXML.save("CamaraXML.xml");}function funAttWriter() { var x = camaraXML.getElementsByTagName("timelastmove"); x.item(0).setAttribute("hora","change");}--------------------------- CODE ------------------------------

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