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Is it necessary to have a knowledge of JavaScript before diving into jQuery? It's my impression that jQuery is just a JavaScript library. If that's the case, shouldn't it be just as easy to learn JavaScript that way.To those who have used jQuery, I have a few questions if you don't mind. How does one access the jQuery library? More specifically... How do I know what is in the library so that I can use it (I'm assuming it works this way, but maybe not)? How does jQuery greatly simplify JavaScript programming in your opinion? Any help would be great.

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Think of jQuery as an extension of Javascript. If you approach it without knowing Javascript, you may be able to use certain features of jQuery but nothing else. jQuery does not replace Javascript, it augments it. I always cringe when I see people asking questions regarding jQuery where they say they don't have any Javascript experience. I usually skip those topics because they probably wouldn't understand the answers anyway. Think of it in construction terms. Nail guns are very useful (and fun), they make the job of putting together a house go a lot quicker. But someone with no experience in construction can't just pick up a nail gun and all of a sudden know how to build a house. jQuery is the nail gun. It's a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced craftsman, but if I get ahold of it I'm just going to hold the safety down and start launching nails across the backyard (true story). If you want to learn more about jQuery, go to the site and start going over the documentation. The entire API should be documented there. There should also be several tutorials around.

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