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Hi :) , I am creating a table in MS Access where I would like to use a List Box to select a value from a list. Unfortunately, I need to change the values in the List Box based on a previous column in the table. The second column is "Major Category" and the third column is "Minor Category". I have a list of items for "Major Category" in another table and a list of items for "Minor Category" in another table associated with the Major Category. When I use this statement:SELECT [Minor Categories].[Minor Category] FROM [Minor Categories] WHERE (((Questions.[Major Subject])=[Minor Categories].[Major Category]));I can select the Questions.[Major Subject] from the List Box, but when I go to open the List Box for Questions.[Minor Subject], Access pops up a Dialog Box asking for the "Major Subject". It will then generate the correct List Box for the "Major Category" I type in. Since I will have a large number of rows to add to the table, I rather not do any extra typing. Does anyone have an idea why it doesn't work as expected? :) Lance

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