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Why Does Javascript Do It The Wrong Way Around?

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I have a question about a little part of a script I am making. The poroblem is that Javascript does the script the in the wrong way, and I don't understand why (and how to solve it). The script has to do this: print starttime, wait three seconds, then print endtime. But what it does is this: wait three seconds, then print starttime and endtime. Thats the wrong way around! How can I make Javascript to write the starttime BEFORE thew loop?????? Thx. --- <html><head><title>test</title></head><body><script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">var run = true;var starttime=new Date().getTime();document.writeln(starttime+"<br />");// why doesn't it do above command, until AFTER below commandwhile (run) { nowtime = new Date().getTime(); if ((nowtime-starttime)>3000) { run = false; document.writeln(nowtime); }; }</script></body></html>

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Because you're making the browser freeze with a loop. The browser tries to finish scripts before printing anything to save rendering time. You should use setTimeout or setInterval for timed events.

document.writeln(starttime + "<br/>");setTimeout(3000, function() {  document.body.innerHTML += (new Date()).getTime();});

I can't use document.write after the page has loaded because it will clear the whole screen before writing so I'm writing with a better method.

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