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Form help - where do I start?

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Hi, I am just finalizing my first website and need a little advice on creating a form to complete a sale. I want to get customers name address email etc and then link to paypal to finalise payment. What is the best way to do this? I can create the form easily enough but am not too sure about getting the customers details sent to me via email etc. Advice please????? CheersCammy

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It is a very simple way to use billing and purchasing, however, it will not do automatic billing just so you know.Once again, if you have payment, you MUST have an SSL certificate on the site so you direct them to an https version of the payment area. I am pretty sure it is a law now that any payment transactions have to be HTTPS secure.

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SQL ??? surly you mean SSL certificate
PSssh that is what I said! ;)Sorry about that, was thinking about MySQL when typing this.
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