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Wordpress Navigation Highlighting with custom Navigation.

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Here is my HTML Navigation menu:

<div id="navigation" >  <ul>   <li><a href="/">Home</a>   <li><a href="services/">Services</a>   <li><a href="portfolio/">Portfolio</a>   <li><a href="about/">About</a>   <li><a href="support/">Support</a>   <li><a href="contact/">Contact</a>  </ul></div><!-- navigation -->

and my navigation CSS

#navigation{    height: 65px;    position:relative;    top:30px;    background: url("images/nav-bg.jpg") repeat-x top left;    border-radius: 4px 4px 0px 0px;    box-shadow: 0px -5px 5px #cb8400;}#navigation ul {list-style: none;}#navigation ul li{float: left;}#navigation ul li a{    color: #999999;    padding: 0px 52px;    font-family: Cambria, Georgia, serif;    font-size:16px;    font-weight:100;    display: block;    height: 60px;    line-height: 60px;    text-decoration:none;}#navigation ul li a:hover{color:#505050;text-shadow:0px -3px 1px #CCC;}

And my website: http://hajzer.info/ how do i make the nav highlight the current page with PHP?

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You have to dynamically produce the menu using php, then you can compare with current url address, and then apply active class or id to have it highlighted in some way. IF a simply menu with no submenus you should just think about storing addresses in a array.

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