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What happened to the browser Developer tools?


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Hey all! I have a question about safari and chromes Inspect Element developer feature. I might be going crazy but I think I might have clicked always enable resource tracking in the resource tracking pane, and now when I inspect elements everything's in a list mode, and the nice timeline version of inspect element has disappeared forever!!! I've been searching and searching the internet for a way to reset this, and the only thing thats come close is people say there's a little blued checkbox in the bottom that if you click disables the resource tracking, but my browser doesn't have that!! Did Safari and Chrome change there resource tracking pane??? Im baffled because I have the same versions on my desktop and everytime I click Resources it ask's me would I like to track this time, or always, and I always choose just this time, BUT on the computer in question my laptop it doesn't ask me that anymore and the Resource pane is stuck in a list view, the list view doesn't even include header information! Anyways this is a real pain in my ars3, if anyone knows of a solution that would be awesome, im trying not to uninstall and reinstall my browsers.

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