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date problem...


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hello there, I have some sort of problem with date in javascript... lemme just post my code here...

var currDate = new Date();var currDateEnd = new Date(); currDateEnd = currDate;currDateEnd.setDate(currDate.getDate()+7); alert(currDate); //I tried alert currDate here, and looks like this object (currDate) value has been changed to the value of currDateEnd

I know there's other way to surpass this problem, but I want to know first why this is happening... Thanks a lot, very much...

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Objects are always referenced and not copied, so both currDate and currDateEnd are pointing to the same object because of this line:

currDateEnd = currDate; 

You can remove that line. If you want to copy the value of a date object to a new one, do this:

var currDate = new Date();var currDateEnd = new Date(currDate.getTime());

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