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I've got a very simple form that I need to do and I'm hung up on a couple of things.The background is the form has 3 fields that is serving as a search page that is essentially doing nothing more than building a URL. The fields are:

  • Skill Level, Radio option
  • Search Term, Text
  • SearchURL, hidden Text

The user selects the Skill Level, types in a search term, and those fields build a URL via some javascript (onchange and onclick actions) that looks like this: "http://mywebserver/SkillsSearchResults.aspx?k=ExpertSkills:web development" in the hidden text field. For the most part this works, here's the sticking points:1. for the text box, if I've already typed in "web development" it appears as a selection and if I click on it and tab to the submit button, the onchange or onclick actions don't recognize that the value of the field has changed. This may be a mute point if I get #3 of this post working, but I'm sure it'll be helpful information down the line. 2. for the form submission, if I click on the Search Skills button everything works fine, if I hit enter after filling in the search term, I go to the page specified in the "form action" as it's told to do, however, I need to know how to make the form action use the value in the SearchURL field instead. 3. the search term should be a dropdown of specific keywords that will get updated every few weeks. In order to avoid modifying the page code with 100+ options, I'd like to have the dropdown populated by an external text file, xml file, or similar. Is that doable? I'm not opposed to using Javascript, PHP, or other scripts to making this work, but all of this is out of my realm so specifics will be very helpful. Thanks for any help!

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