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Import? Import from where?

Man In Tan

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I'm taking a couple of online classes in a couple weeks, but one of them requires fluency in Python. I'm reading some online guides, but the "import" keyword is confusing me. Import from where? In PHP, I would use require to acquire access to my functions, classes, and constants.

require '/my/full/path/to/the/file.php';

But in Python, you use this:

import file

How do I specify the location of the file? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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By Default, Python searches in the project directory and hence the files from other directories cannot be imported as we do for the files available locally in the project folder.

But to accomplish that we might want to amend the system path which can be done in the following way.

import syssys.path.insert(1, '/path/to/your/filefolder/')#also sys.path.append(0,/'path/to/your/filefolder/[file])import [your file]


Hope this can help :)

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