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You mean a service you provide or a service you consume?If you're consuming the web service, you'll have to read and follow the provider's instructions.If you're providing a web service, one way is to use a hasing function that includes the time the key was requested. The key itself could be requested from a separate admin panel, and of course, upon creating the key, you also need to store it in a database, alongside the account it is intended for.

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I want to create a api key off my own
For others to use at a service you provide or for use by yourself at services others provide?I'm asking because many services don't generate a key until you ask for one, so the phrase "create a key of my own" could mean "create a key of my own for use with web service X provided by [not me]" as well as "create a key of my own when my users ask me to generate one".
from what iv read i need to create my data into xml format
Where have you read that? I seem to be missing out on a lot of context here...
how are api keys genrated
Various methods, typically involving hashes, random number generation, time, user specific data, or all of these, combined in various ways.
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Forget about keys, and create a service without one. Once you get your head around it, adding the API key to the mix will be trivial.The hard part about creating SOAP servers is to generate a WSDL file.You need to create a class (or a set of functions... doesn't really matter), document each method (or function) with @param docblocks, and generate a WSDL file using something like Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover. Once you have the WSDL in place, you can use SoapServer to handle incoming SOAP requests.

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