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Css/Jquery/javascript? problems Help me please!?


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Hello, I'm new here so don't shoot me if this isn't in de right section or not exactly as the guidelines prefer. ^^ But I'm making my own site and I have a little problem only I have no clue where it is that it's going wrong. well if you see this is wat a got. Solved well if you are viewing this in safari no problem besides it's not finishedfor the chrome people exactly the same. BUT, for the people who watch it in Firefox, they'll see that's somethings wrong with the menu. Who can help me with that I've been retouching en looking things up for week.And as you'll see I'm no schooled talent it's just "hobbying" around. So tips are welcome! Thanks in advanced!

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What's the actual problem? Can you explain it to us so we can reproduce it? Are you checking for errors? Logging/debugging your work? also, is this really your link?


looks a little odd, and also the stylesheet can't be found. (which you would see in your error console if you were checking)

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