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Submit button - focus selector?


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I have written some CSS so that when an element is selected it is highlighted:

input:focus, textarea:focus{background-color:#FFC;}

This works fine, however it also gives the background colour to the submit button when this is in focus. Is there a selector I could use to override this? I tried submit:focus but this is clearly wrong. Thanks!

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you can specify the attributes which you need to style http://w3schools.com...ibute_value.asp

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Thanks, this selector syntax works:


But it is still a different colour to the original button. Ideally I just want it to go back to the default. Is there a way to do this? I think the buttons change slightly depending on what browser you use anyway.


Doesn't work because it removes the original colour.

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Birbal was suggesting that you change your original selector to exclude the buttons. This is probably the only way to accomplish this as, AFAIK, there is no way to revert a buttons background to the default using CSS.

input[type=text]:focus, textarea:focus{

Of course, if you also want to target other types (password, radio, checkbox, etc.) you'll need to add those to the selector too. CSS3 has a :not selector, but older browsers do not support it (namely IE8 and down). If you don't care about those browsers, you can use this:

input:not([type=submit]):focus, textarea:focus{

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